Addington School

Music At Addington

Our Intent

  • To build knowledge and skills in music through sequential learning, memory retention and planning for progression.
  • To give students the opportunity to have positive interactions with music, through breadth of experience.
  • To nurture an enjoyment in music and through active participation, listening and observing.
  • To explore use music as a vehicle to explore wider soft skills such as creativity, expression, collaboration, self-improvement, reflection, analysing and awareness of their own and others cultural identity.
  • To develop their self esteem and self confidence as achievements and successes are shared and celebrated.
  • To develop independence to satisfy and continue expanding musical engagement.
  • To bring our community together in shared enjoyment and appreciation.
  • To link with the wider community.
  • To give students lasting memories of positive experiences.


The music team work with all students in the school.  Every student has a weekly class lesson with a music specialist teacher.  These take place in the classroom, music room or sensory theatre as appropriate to the class.  They one follow 3 schemes: Starters scheme, Main scheme or Sensory scheme.

Around a quarter of students have instrumental lessons with visiting peripatetic teachers from Berkshire Maestros, supported by Addington staff to deliver small steps of progression.

Our music therapists works with children throughout the school for a one year block. 

There are also many musical activities that take place throughout the week including Addington Band and rhythm groups plus various projects throughout the year. 

Music Lesson Curriculum Planning for Progression

  • Schemes of work are designed to give progression, from simple participation and engagement through to more accurate instrumental playing and applying musical knowledge to activities.
  • Arts Award Bronze and Silver currently in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 runs with selected students and shows progress in their skills and attainment.
  • Carefully planned small steps with peri teachers.
  • Opportunities for sharing work built into the school year.
  • Arts Award is being introduced in Key Stage 2, beginning with Discover. The aim is to then run this up to Key stage 3, progressing through Explore and Bronze awards.

The Impact of Music at Addington

  • Students have the opportunity to shine in music activities. They are celebrated as they share their skills. Students enjoy participating in activities and where possible extend their participation either as a performer or audience member through joining events outside of their weekly lesson. 
  • Students develop their musical identity through musical interactions and further developing their musical skills.
  • They are able to be creative and use music as a form of communication and expression.
  • Students with a particular musical talent (at the level in which they are working) are able to further explore their skills and knowledge.
  • Our school community is brought together to enjoy music.
  • Links with the wider community are formed.
  • Students form long lasting memories of music at Addington and a life long enjoyment of music.
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