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  • Cark Parking at Addington School
    Please go to our Local Information and Events page to view a letter about car parking arrangements at the school.
  • Cinderella FREE Pantomime is tonight – have you got tickets?
    This is a reminder about the special performance of Cinderella being held tonight at 7.45pm (Tuesday 15th January 2019) at Loddon Hall, Twyford. Last minute tickets are still available.
  • Problem with School Phones
    We are experiencing problems with our phones this morning (15th January). We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. If you are unable to reach us by phone please email the school -
  • Problem with School Phones now resolved
    The problem with our phones has now been resolved.
  • Ridgeline Horticultural Therapy
    Please see link below to read an article about Ridgeline Trust who offer Horticultural Therapy and where some of our older students will be attending weekly sessions.
  • Our Information and Events page has updates
    Our Local Information and Events page has updates which include information about sporting activities and details of a monthly “quieter” session at the REME Museum which may be helpful for children and young people with additional needs.
  • The Association welcomes unwanted Christmas gifts
    Message from Addington Association - If any parents/carers had any unwanted Christmas gifts, please drop them into our blue bin in Reception and we will happily make use of them for fundraising events.
  • Wheelchair Clinics/Wheelchair repairs
    Our next wheelchair clinic after the 9th January will be 20th March 2019. Parents/Carers can call 0118 3227017 if they need to book a re-assessment and if needed they can call the repairers on 01442 240541.
  • Spring menu
    The Spring menu is available on our website and hard copies will be sent home in January.
  • December 2018 newsletter
    Our December 2018 newsletter is available now
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