Addington is taking part in a multi schools project called CommuniTrees.  The vision of the project is  to bring together pupils from neighbouring schools on a community project that encourages working in partnership to plan and raise funds for the planting of trees in the grounds of the schools and in local communities.

Student representatives from the schools have met regularly at different schools throughout the year.  Many classes in Addington have learnt about the importance of trees.  We have done written work and art work to support this learning.  As a group of schools we have presented our work to the Mayor, Local Counsellors and Local Businesses to try to get their support and sponsorship to fund trees.  We have written to local businesses to ask them to sponsor a tree.  Addington have made a short video (see below) with the children, showing their art work and talking about why trees are so important. 

Our aim is to raise enough money to plant 60 trees in November 2017.  



These pictures show the presentation of two cheques to our pupils for the Multi Schools Communi-Trees Project.  There was a donation of £750 from The Rotary Club of Loddon Vale and £250 from Woodley Stars (a satellite club of the Rotary Club).  It is the national aim of Rotary Club this year to plant one tree for each of their members which fits in perfectly with the Communi Trees Project and they would like to return to see us planting our trees.