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Welcome to the Addington School Home learning page for Science.

updated 01.05.20

 Any science related queries - please contact Julie at science@addington.wokingham.sch.uk


Summer Term science topics:

Science lessons will be uploaded onto Earwig by Julie every Tuesday and will include printable resources to print out and links to websites / videos on the Internet which will teach pupils the knowledge for this term's topics. 

KS2 – PLANTS - we will be looking at the structure of plants and growing flowers and vegetables from seeds

KS3 – PLANTS - we will be looking at the structure and function of parts of plants, growing flowers and vegetables from seeds, investigating water transportation in plants and other practical activities.  

KS4 –LIFE CYCLES -  follow the life cycle of a butterfly as we wait for real caterpillars to transform into chrysalises then into butterflies. We will also be looking at life cycles of other animals. 

  • There are science activities on Earwig for those classes that have Julie teaching science in school - Pine, Birch, Rowan, Willow, Chestnut, Maple, Sycamore, Swan and Kite.  Science has also been made available to Beech class pupils.


  • However, If you would like some more science ideas, then this page will be updated with links, resources and practical ideas to try at home. 


  • Science learning can take place outdoors, so if you can explore your garden or go for a walk and observe nature.  If you have a magnifying glass use it to closely observe plants and animals found - if not, try taking photo on a phone then zoom in to look at it closely!    Notice changes as we move through the season of spring.  Take lots of photos, maybe of a tree or flowering plant, each week and see what changes are happening.


  • Plant some seeds and watch them grow!  This is a great time of year for growing flowers and vegetables.  Radishes grow very quickly, only taking about 4 weeks from sowing to harvesting.  Other plants you could try to grow from seed include sunflowers, tomatoes, runner beans and herbs.  


  • If you enjoy practical challenges then try the Crest SuperStar activities - found on the right hand side of this page.  Each challenge has an activity card and an organiser card to download.


Brain Pop is currently giving free family access to all their resources https://www.brainpop.com/


Ideas for science experiments, free activities, quizzes and videos can be found on Science Kids http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/


There are plenty of science resources on Education City, Discovery Espresso and lots of science ideas on Twinkl.


Here are 10 more great science ideas to try at home:

1.        Red cabbage experiment


2.       Make a volcano



3.       Potato osmosis experiment


4.        Celery and food colouring experiment


5.        Garden bug hunt


6.        Close observation – snails, worms.  Get hold of a magnifier if you can.  Be gentle and return creatures to where you found them.

7.       Set up and investigate a crime scene


8.        Send away for a butterfly kit – next dispatch 29th May


9.       Make your own parachute for a small toy


10.   Design a zip wire for a small toy or an egg



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