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Extract about our Interns from the J&J monthly newsletter - March 2019

The Pinewood, UK, team have commenced apprenticeships with five Addington School students, a special needs school that works together with charities and business to give young adults an opportunity to experience work. They have joined Catering, Post-room, Staff Shop, Maintenance and Reception to learn new skills. “We are very much grateful for having them in our team,” says Adam Coppins, Assistant Facilities Manager. “They have really excelled with us and very quickly become part of the team. It is amazing to be a in a position to offer these young people the opportunity to become independent and grow within a working environment - they have so far exceeded all expectations. Ayesha, our catering intern, has launched her own cake range from the Costa outlet, and even asked to come to work during half term.”

Pinewood has also received a super refresh in the restaurant, all supported by the new food and HF2020 branding. “We launched a fantastic street food pop-up offer ‘Planted – Oumph!’ as well,” says Joanna Siembab, Thames Valley Food Services Manager. “All Thames Valley UK sites are now running the same menu cycle across all four sites, this ticks our standardisation project. I’m looking forward to making sure we commit to it.” They also got into the romantic mood in February with a range of Valentines cupcakes across all the sites. Great news Pinewood.