19th January, 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

The weekly links courses at B.C.A. and Reading colleges continue to be one of the events that the class looks forward to and participate in with enthusiasm. At college in addition to class based activities, students get the opportunity to develop social and independence skills. They have enjoyed using the shop and café to buy a snack or lunch. The highlight during their visit to college is meeting up with old friends.

Wednesdays are particularly looked forward to as some of us go to B.C.A. in the morning, while others cook their lunch. After lunch we reunite and go offsite to do P.E. This Wednesday we enjoyed playing badminton and table tennis at the Woodford Park Leisure centre. The dexterity and hand eye co-ordination among many in the class was very commendable.

Yesterday we did a sequencing exercise in class on how to prepare beans on toast. Today for snack we followed the instructions, we had put together, to make and enjoy beans on toast, and a drink. For lunch we made spaghetti Bolognese as the main dish, with salad. For dessert the class helped to make a chocolate cake. During cooking sessions students have the opportunity to put into practise what they have learned about hygiene and safety in the kitchen, using familiar kitchen equipment, and setting up for and clearing up after a meal.

On Friday afternoons for art, classes in F.E. are mixed into four groups comprising of members from different classes. This makes Friday afternoon not only a creative time, but a social event and a good way to end the week. This half term we are doing Ceramics.

Very sincerely,

William and team.




12th January, 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

A good full week back was had by all.

Some of the class, who went to B.C.A. on Wednesday enjoyed doing conservation work in the woods, while those that went to Reading college on Friday did art, ceramics or ICT.

The class went shopping on Thursday to buy ingredients to cook lunch on Friday. We made pizzas and everyone chose their own topping. For dessert we made Angel Delight.

We had our first session of offsite P.E. this term at the Woodford Park Leisure centre on Wednesday afternoon. The class enjoyed playing badminton and proved very adept at it.

Very sincerely,

William and Team

4th January, 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

We trust each of you have had a good festive season and a break which also allowed you some rest.

It was good to see the class happily reunited and settling back into routine.

From Monday, 8th January we shall be following our usual routines. We look forward to a really happy and eventful term ahead.

We will recommence the weekly links course at B.C.A. on Wednesday, 10th January and the one at Reading college on Friday, 12th January. As the activities at B.C.A. are mainly outdoors, please send your son/daughter in with suitable attire and foot-wear (‘Wellies’ are advisable).

We will be doing offsite P.E. as before on Wednesday afternoons. This term we hope to use the sports facilities at the Woodford Park Leisure centre, which will give us the opportunity to experience and participate in a number of racket and ball games. Please send your son/daughter in with a T-shirt and trainers.

Those of us going to B.C.A. shall also start cooking our lunch, each week, from Friday, 12th January, while those going to Reading college will join with Kelly’s class to cook their lunch on Wednesdays. Their sessions will commence on Wednesday, 10th January.

It is also suggested that students have bus passes so that we can use public transport as part of travel training.

We take this opportunity to wish you good health and every happiness in 2018

Very sincerely,

William and Team




19th December, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A term of almost feverish, but enjoyable activities and experiences, and achievements has come to an end. To recap some of the high points of the term would be apt.

On Wednesdays we have enjoyed bowling, at the Hollywood Bowl in Bracknell, this term. Next term we will be looking at doing another activity for our offsite P.E. sessions.

Some members of the class have enjoyed going on the links course to the Berkshire College of Agriculture on Wednesdays, while others went on the links course at Reading college on Fridays. At B.C.A. students experienced land based activities, which involved environmental conservation. At Reading the students have done ICT, Radio, Art, Ceramics and Cooking. The groups enjoyed being a part of a wider community and experiencing the buzz of college life.

Nearer the end of term we have enjoyed class outings and going out with the whole of the F.E. faculty. As a class we went to the ‘Wee Waif’ for lunch. The entire F.E. department went to the pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in Windsor. The show, needless to say, was thoroughly enjoyed by all and had the group entranced. The tickets to the pantomime had been very generously donated to the F.E. department.

The F.E. Christmas Fair was another successful event. The café was particularly popular and most of the items, that we made in our Business Enterprise sessions, were bought.

All that remains to be said is a big thank you for all your support, without which many of the activities and experiences we organise would not be possible. Thank you also for your good wishes and presents.

We take this opportunity to wish each of you a very enjoyable festive season and every happiness in the new year. We look forward to seeing everyone again on the 4th January, 2018.

Very sincerely,

William and Team


20th October, 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been a rather eventful week.

The class enjoyed the weekly drama session on Monday. These sessions give the students the opportunity to be creative and enjoy free expression.

On Tuesday for horticulture we potted-on daisies which we hope to plant later in the year. The class is also looking after areas in the front of the school.

Wednesday saw some of the class enjoy the morning at BCA where we planted daffodils, while others from our class mixed with another group for cooking.

In the afternoon we enjoyed our usual bowling session in Bracknell.


It was good to meet so many of you at parents evening yesterday.


Today some of our class went to Reading college for the Links course, while the rest of us cooked our lunch.

We were also extremely lucky today to get to meet Jim, a Paralympian rugby player who has represented Great Britain.


All that remains to say is a big thank you to you for all our support over this first half term of a new academic year. The class seems to be gelling into a happy team.

Have a good half term break. We look forward to seeing happy, enthusiastic people on Monday, 30th October.


William and Team




6th October, 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have recently started weekly Drama sessions on Mondays, which everyone in the class enjoys. Each person gets to contribute in building a storyline and then enacting the story created by the group. The sessions show the creative and expressive side of everyone involved.

The class were given the opportunity to visit the Wyevale Garden Centre in Binfield on Tuesday for our Work Ready day experience. Here students were met by very friendly employees from different departments and learned about the different jobs in a garden centre. On our tour of the centre we were shown the different plants for sale, the indoor garden provision and gift shop, the pet shop, the café and the aquarium. Students were given the opportunity to pot plants of their own and take them home. We had lunch in the café before returning to school with gifts. A big thank you to Lisa from the C.B.E.B.P. at Winnersh, for organising this very enjoyable day out and an enriching experience for our students.

Our weekly visit to BCA and Reading College were looked forward to with enthusiasm as always. Students have the opportunity not only to learn new skills, but develop their existing independence and social skills by using college facilities, like the canteen.

This Friday the class helped to cook fried rice and vegetable curry for lunch, and made a sponge cake, which we had with custard for dessert.

William and Team




29th September, 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

The weekly links courses at BCA on Wednesday and Reading College on Friday went ahead.  Those that went to BCA continued with land based activities involving the conservation of the natural environment.  Those of us who went to Reading College experienced doing art, ICT and Media. Students enjoyed meeting old friends from school and socialising with them over lunch in the canteen.

Offsite P.E. is always greeted with enthusiasm. The class again enjoyed bowling at Hollywood Bowl in Bracknell and have in a week shown a noticeable improvement in their skill.

Today the class cooked a sumptuous lunch of Chicken and vegetable pasta for the main course and apple crumble with custard, for dessert made. Dietary needs of everyone is taken into account during cooking sessions.

We look forward to another activity filled week next week, with the focus on a Work Ready day on Tuesday. We will share details of it in next week’s newsletter.

Very sincerely,   

William and Team



22nd September, 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been a busy and enjoyable week.

Some of us go to BCA on Wednesdays and others to Reading College on Fridays to do a Links course. This is to give our students a flavour of what to expect when they leave school. Students will, if feasible, have the opportunity to experience both BCA and Reading College over a period of two years. The Links course at B.C.A. started on Wednesday, 13/09/2017 and the one at Reading College started on Friday, 15/09/2017. The final decision about the course of action for post Addington life, lies entirely with you and your child. At BCA we do land based activities, with the focus on conservation. This week we started to clear an area in the woods to prepare it for planting trees in Spring. At Reading college students get the opportunity to do Art, Cooking, ICT and Media. At college we encourage students to develop their independence and money skills by using the college canteen to buy a snack and lunch.

On Mondays the Class will be doing P.E. in school. The correct P.E. kit, comprising of: shorts/track-suit bottoms; T-shirt/Sweat shirt and trainers are essential to ensure health and safety regulations.

We had our first session of offsite P.E. on Wednesday. This term we will doing bowling at the Hollywood Bowl in Bracknell. Everyone enjoyed the session and participated with enthusiasm .

On Friday mornings instead of school dinners and packed lunches, we cook our own lunch as part of developing independent living skills. Today we made Chilli Con Carne and rice as the main, and Angel Delight for dessert.

Travel training is a part of the F.E. curriculum to help our young people develop independence. Students are encouraged, with support, to use public transport. It is advisable to avail of a bus pass, with Companion endorsed on it. This will make using public transport more convenient.

Very sincerely,  

 William and Team


14th July, 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been another busy and enjoyable week.

We went on our end of year class trip on Monday, to Bournemouth where we enjoyed a day out on the beach. For lunch we had a picnic on the beach after visiting the famous Harry Ramsden outlet where most of us bought their renowned fish and chips, while others settled for sausage and chips or a burger. Despite the ten minute downpour of rain while eating our lunch and a race for shelter, spirits remained high.  After lunch we walked in the gardens by the beach. We ended the day with ice-cream before heading back to school.

On Tuesday, there was a celebration of work experience and work ready days that took place through the year. The students’ achievements were acknowledged and applauded. It was heartening to see so many of you present to share in your son’s pride.

Another highlight of the week was the Secondary and F.E. inter-house football tournament, which saw some very strong and healthy competition. As always the tournament ended in good spirit. Kalem from our class was recognised for being among the most sporting in the tournament.

We are nearly at the end of another academic year. Only a week remains, but a very busy one, with the Leavers’ assembly and Disco on Tuesday, 18th July. We will be saying goodbye to five of our students.

Have a good weekend.

Very sincerely,

William and team














Another year has come swiftly to a close.

In addition to accessing the curriculum in school, we have had the opportunity to experience and participate in a number of activities in the wider community over the year.

In addition to P.E. and sports’ day in school, the class gained much from our weekly offsite P.E. sessions, during which they were given the opportunity to participate in bowling, climbing and swimming. The majority were very enthusiastic about taking part in these activities and displayed abilities and determination to be proud of.

Three work ready days, and a ‘Job Safari’ that were organised over the year gave the class an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the different jobs people do in the wider community. We spent a day observing people in three different areas of work. They were at the Reading Buses, Wokingham Fire Station and hospitality at the Moat House hotel.

To develop independence and self-help skills the class has had opportunities to interact with others in the wider community. Public buses were used on a number of occasions to facilitate travel training.

To make the transition from Addington to college smooth, most of the class attended the Links course at Reading college. At college they attended courses in ICT, Drama and Dance, Art, Ceramics and Cookery.

Many of the class team went on a five day school residential trip to Kent with others from the F.E. department. It was an outdoor learning centre where they participated in team building and climbing activities, bush craft, archery and developed independence skills.

For our end of year class trip, we had planned to go to Bournemouth, but due to transport problems we had to make alternative arrangements and decided to spend the day in Reading town, where we had lunch at Nandos, took in a movie and enjoyed an ice-cream in the Forbury gardens.  Every young person thoroughly enjoyed the day in spite of the initial disappointment caused by the change in venue. This too was a learning experience in coping with disappointment, at which our young people did exceptionally well.   

We take this opportunity to wish those of you leaving school or moving to another class in September all the very best in all you do.

Finally, we would like to wish each of you a restful and enjoyable summer break.  We look forward to the new class convening in September.

Have a great summer, 

William and team.





William's Class Blog


15th January 2016

Two weeks into the Spring term finds the class settled in and actively engaging in the hands-on F.E. curriculum within school and in the wider community.

As a class we cook our lunch every Tuesday. We try and experience cuisine from around the world. This past week we cooked Italian food.

The young people continue to enjoy bowling as an offsite P.E. activity on Tuesday afternoon.

Some of the class have been doing work experience in a café.

Three students are enjoying experiences in horticulture on Wednesday.

Internal community work placements for our young men in different departments of the school will start next week. Some of the departments are Key Stage 1, Music, Admin., P.E., Maintenance, Horticulture and Behaviour.

We have started our weekly attendance at the Links course at Reading college on Fridays. This gives students the opportunity to experience travelling on public transport and interact in a wider social setting.


7th January 2016

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back!