Lime Class

Hello and a warm welcome to Lime Class blog.

We are a part of middle school focusing mainly on the sensory and communication needs of our students. We work very closely with Apple Class the, other sensory class in our faculty, also frequently working with other classes across the school.

Our class has seven students, three boys and four girls, all of whom have settled in brilliantly to the new school year.

Jo is our class teacher and Michelle is Teaching Assistant. We have four great Learning Support Assistants Hannah, Ellie, Theresa and Claire.

Swimming is on a Thursday, PE on a Friday, Music on Tuesdays and Splash on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are always happy to talk with parents and carers about any issues concerning their child so please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or in the home school diary. We all look forward to getting to know our parents and carers over the forthcoming year.


Hello and welcome to our second blog for this half term. It has been a very busy week and has flown by. We made some lovely firework pictures, getting most of the glitter on ourselves rather than on the paper! Our swimming session was brilliant with all of the students enjoying moving about in the water and splashing the adults. We saw some great swimming and water confidence from everyone. 

We have spent a lot of time exploring our outside curriculum as the weather has been quite mild and have been learning to play and share with the other students in the playground, whilst also investigating aspects of Autumn. Winnie the Witch in Space was really enjoyable and marks the end of this topic, next week we will continue with an Autumn theme and be sharing The Gruffalo as our text. We will then be moving onto Winter and preparing for the festive season - yet more glitter!

Wishing you a great weekend

Jo, Michelle, Ellie, Hannah, Theresa and Claire



Welcome back to our second half of Autumn Term. It has been a very busy week working on our Space curriculum, making Halloween crafts and working on our targets. Today we had a great time exploring pumpkins and everyone in the class put their hands into the pumpkin to explore the seeds and textures. We then made some pumpkin soup which everyone was happy to smell and a couple of more adventurous students ate lots of it!

Next week we will be making firework pictures and exploring our new text Winnie the Witch in Space. 


Wishing you all a happy and safe bonfire weekeind.


Jo, Michelle, Ellie, Hannah and Claire



Hello again and welcome to the last newsletter for this half term. We now have a new member of staff in our class, Theresa has settled in very quickly and is a great asset to our team.Time has gone so quickly and we look forward to continuing our space adventures next half term before working on more festive creations.

We have had a good week and our communications skills continue to develop. It was great to see parents at parent's evening - especially those of you who I hadn't met before. We have made some great alien hats and at last went swimming where we all enjoyed splashing the adults in the pool!

Just a quick reminder that we are not coming back to school until Tuesday October 29th 2018.


We wish you a lovely holiday whatever you are doing.


Jo, Michelle, Hannah, Ellie, Theresa and Claire


 This week, Lime class have been creating aliens and spaceships for our wall display as well as working on our communication skills and independence. Some of us have been practising walking independently, while others have been working on using cutlery and trying new foods. The class has also spent lots of time outside enjoying the lovely weather. We have played chase, explored the outside area and done some water sensory play. We have also spent time in splash, soft play and the sensory rooms. 



Welcome to our blog for this week!


We have had a busy time continuing to explore space and Aliens. Our washing line with our arty underpants on looks great - just hoping some Aliens won't come down and whisk them away! We have also finished our wonderful planet and alien display which looks brilliant. next week we will be making alien hats and biscuits.


For the last two PE sessions we have had a visiting Yoga teacher to show us some moves, everyone was able to participate in which ever way they could access and learnt how to do the downward dog and the dolphin positions! Along side this we have continued focussing on intensive interaction and communication skills with lots of positive experiences for everyone. We have had time for some lovely outdoor sensory sessions due to the good weather and have enjoyed exploring our sensory garden, also planting some herbs, learning how to be careful with these and how to look after them.


We all wish you a great weekend :o)


Jo and Co