Welcome to Holly class! 

We are also known as the therapeutic class.

We have 7 pupils in our class, ranging from Year 4 to Year 8.

Meet our team: 

Teacher: Kerrie

Class TA: Kirsty

Behaviour TA: Lauren

LSA's: Bev, Tom, Ally, Astride, Abi & Becca


What is a Therapeutic class?

  • Holly class is a bespoke class for pupils who are finding accessing ‘mainstream’ Addington classes challenging.   
  • We have a high adult to pupil ratio to ensure that the environment and curriculum is enriching, engaging and nurturing.  
  • The high staff ratio means that your child always has at least 1:1 support throughout the day.  
  • The classroom staff use the same interventions and strategies that are used across Addington but we have an even greater focus on communication and emotional regulation skills.   
  • Each pupil has a highly personalised and individual timetable, which meets their individual needs and we focus on child led engagement and curiosity.        
  • All the learning opportunities that are offered in our class are highly individualised and based on repetition so all the learners can anticipate and increase/develop their level of understanding and engagement.   
  • We use a range of strategies and interventions to support the pupils in our class and we follow the SCERTS programme which forms the basis of our curriculum in this class.  There are 2 main areas within this programme that we focus on, which are Social Communication and Emotional regulation.  
  • We also focus on developing the pupils’ independence and life skills.
  • Where appropriate the pupils will also take part in Literacy and Numeracy tasks and activities. 
  • We are a dedicated team that is always looking for new therapeutic approaches to support the pupils within our class and across the school. 

Interventions/Therapies we use:

  • Attachment play/Floortime
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Attention Bucket
  • Call & Response
  • Sensory/Messy Play
  • Curiosity Programme
  • Explore time
  • Life Skills - Cooking
  • individulaised senosry diets
  • Yoga
  • Aromatouch/touch talk/massage
  • relaxation/leisure time
  • PECs
  • Communication Boards 
  • Colourful semantics.
  • Structured communication time
  • Big Maths/Little Big Maths 
  • Reading
  • and much more!



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