Welcome to Holly class! 

We have 7 pupils in our Therapeutic Class, ranging from Year 3 to Year 7.


Kerrie is the Class Teacher, Sarah and Kirsty are our Class Teachers Assistants. 

Sarah will be working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Kirsty on Thursday and Friday. 

Lauren is our Behaviour Support TA. 

Our Learning Support Assistants are Abi, Ally, Astrid, Pippa, Sev, Steph & Tom.


We are a therapeutic class that offers pupils the opportunity to learn in a therapeutic way with a high staff ratio.  Your child will have a fully personalised timetable which enables them to work towards fulfilling their potential.  We follow some of the same strategies and interventions that are used across the school but we have a greater focus on therapeutic and sensory activities, emotional regulation skills and communication. 

The main focus for our class is to help them to emotionally regulate themselves and we use many different therapeutic strategies to enable them to do this. 

Some of the different therapies we use are Attachment Play, Attention Bucket, Call & Response, Cooking, Curiosity Programme, Explore, Intensive Interaction, Messy Play, Sensory Diets, Sensory Theatre and Yoga




Class Letters/Information

Dates for your diary

24th May - Parents Evening

8th February - Parents Evening

19th October - Parents Evening