Welcome to Owl Class' Homepage.

Meet our teachers:

Leila (Monday and Tuesday) Leah (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Our class staff are:

 Rosa (Teaching Assistant), Annah,  Natalie, Ruth and  Lynn (Learning Support Assistants). There are eight students in our class.


We are very busy in Owl Class and there are lots of things to remember so here is a quick guide to what we need each day!


Monday: we cook our own lunch today and have life skills - please send your young person's wash bag into school.

Tuesday: we go shopping for the ingredients for our lunch. £2.50 contribution towards the ingredients to cook our own lunch

Wednesday: swimming kit today.

Thursday: PE kit needed

Friday: we go to The Ridgeline (horticultural therapy) - please send in welly boots if it is raining and a warm coat (it may get dirty because we are gardening) and to dress up warm.


You can keep up to date with our class news through our weekly blog:


We have had a busy week. We have begun a sensory topic of space, making rockets, tactile planets and moon sand.

We have also begun the 'Right Here, Right Now' topic, taking part in two carousels around the upper school classes, doing a variety of activities linked to our local area (the launch activities that we sent home details about). We also went to Bosco Lounge and to Waitrose shopping for ingredients ready for our Monday lunch.

We will be sending home a timetable shortly. We have Music on Mondays, Swimming on Wednesdays in our hydrotherapy pool, PE on Thursdays (ball skills), Physiotherapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Offsite trip to Woodley to the cafe and shopping on Fridays. Wednesday afternoons will involve offsite activities as part of the Right Here, Right Now project.

We ask for a half termly voluntary contribution of £15 for class fund; this goes towards getting out and about in our community, buying drinks and snacks at local cafes etc.

Thanks so much for all your support, if you need anything please don't hesitate to get in contact via the home/school diary, or phone reception for anything more urgent.

Have a lovely weekend,

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie.


Wow! This week has flown by! We have been very busy and had lots of fun.

We have begun going to Thrive on Tuesday, which is where we can practise our Horticulture skills and nature craft activities. We had a lovely time. We explored the grounds. We did sensory activities this week.

We have been into Woodley twice to do orienteering on Monday and Wednesday this week. We were shown a photograph of a landmark and needed to do good looking and matching skills to locate it. We had various places to find around Woodley, getting to know the area. 

We explored the Dark Sensory room, doing Tac Pac and massage. We took part in swimming on Wednesday and circuits and trampolining in PE.

Our class did biscuit decorating with fondant icing during Leisure time this week.

On Friday we enjoyed going to Bosco Lounge and to Waitrose shopping for ingredients ready for our Monday lunch. We have made craft stars, using bread and PVA glue to make a dough and we made star shapes using cutters. We will paint these next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie.


On Monday, we cooked our own lunch we made vegetable chow mein, which all of us tried some of and some of us had a second helping!  We enjoyed Thrive on Tuesday where we picked apples in the orchard and then helped to plant some seedlings.  Next week we will use the apples to make apple crumble.

We have been bowling which was great fun plus we went to Bosco Lounge to have a drink and cake.  We are doing really well using our communication boards to order our drink and cake.

If you bring your young person to school please make sure they arrive by 9:00am as we have lots of activities that start at 9am and when we go offsite we need to leave by 9:30am.  Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie


We have had a lovely week. On Wednesday, we enjoyed Swimming, Tac Pac and massage in the Dark Sensory Room, Smile group and reading. We loved going bowling at Hollywood Bowl in Bracknell in the afternoon. 

On Thursday, we began our first session of Yoga with Claire in our PE lesson. We will continue to do Yoga each week as part of our timetable too as our class really enjoyed this. We took part in a space sensory story in the Light Sensory Room, as well as Physio/OT programmes and reading programmes. We joined the other Upper School classes for leisure time activities in the afternoon.

On Friday, we went to Woodley Precinct and went to Brown Bag Cafe at The Oakwood Centre. It was lovely weather so we had our snack and drink outside today. We then shopped in Lidl and Waitrose for our ingredients ready for Monday's Food Technology lesson. We are doing very well at choosing the correct symbol for what we are asked to buy and then locating these items in the shop. We are working on manipulating purses/wallets to take out our money and make the money exchange with the cashier, ensuring that we wait for our change and receipt. In the afternoon, we did a sensory activity making aliens and using the Ipads.

Have a lovely weekend,

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie


We have been busy cooking our own lunches on Mondays and also cakes for the Upper School Bake Off event!

We are all thoroughly enjoying our Thrive outings on Tuesdays.

On Wednesday we enjoyed Swimming, Smile musical group, Reading and our last bowling trip to Hollywood Bowl. We have really seen an improvement in the students' bowling skills, independence and anticipation.

On Thursday we enjoyed Yoga in PE, a sensory space story, physio/OT programmes, Reading and Leisure time.

On Friday, we went to Brown Bag Cafe at the Oakwood Centre, which was lovely. The students are making very good progress in their communication skills, making choices, confidence and knowing what they need to do to order. We also went Lidl for our shopping. Everyone had an item to locate in the shop and then pay for this. Individual photos took place on Friday too.

Have a lovely weekend,

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie



We have had a fantastic week. We made funny faces with leaves at Thrive this week. We cooked pumpkin soup and made grapefruit juice, which was yummy!

In Food Technology this week we made pea and mince risotto, which was very enjoyable.

We have been practising drumming in our Music lessons which is fun.

On Wednesday we had Swimming, Dark Sensory Room, Tac Pac, Smile Group and Reading. We had a special assembly in the afternoon to say goodbye to Barbi who has worked at Addingotn School for 34 years.

On Thursday we did various activities in PE - Circuits, trampolining and physio programmes. We had a space sensory story in the Light Sensory Room, physio/OT and Reading. In the afternoon we went around various Upper School Classes doing Leisure time activities. Many of our class opted for dancing!

On Friday we went to Brown Bag Cafe at The Oakwood Centre. The students have been working hard on ordering their food and drink from the lady serving. We also went shopping in Lidl for items we need for snack times. We are working on locating items in the shop, how to queue and put items on the conveyor belt, making the money exchange, waiting for their change and receipt and then bagging the items.

In the afternoon on Friday, we made alien slime! We felt the dry ingredients and then the difference when we added in the water and food colouring, mixing it all up to make the slime. We used communication boards to talk about what it all felt like.

Hope you have a really lovely half term,

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie



We have had a super week.  

On Wednesday morning we had Swimming, Dark Sensory Room, Tac Pac, Smile Group and Reading. In the afternoon we did Yoga and sensory craft. We got very messy enjoying making paper mache planets, which will be a project for a few weeks. Each student has chosen a different planet to join together to make a solar system in our classroom.

On Thursday we did trampolining in PE, sensory story in space, visiting lots of planets in the solar system, incorporating lots of textures and sensory experiences to encourage students to communicate their preferences if they like that sensory experience or not and joining in the story telling journey. In the afternoon, we began our leisure time teaching the game of 'snap' which would like to get used to the rules of playing and then transfer playing this with residents at The Birches later in the term. The students also enjoyed going to different classes, interacting with other students in Upper School doing leisure time activities.

On Friday, we went shopping at The Co-Op for our ingredients for Monday's lunch. We began our Business Enterprise project of making crafts for the Upper School Christmas Fayre. We focused on painting small ceramic vases and glass painted decorations. In the afternoon, we visited The Birches for the first time and used the Cafe to buy a snack and drink. We will be getting used to the surroundings and residents here over the weeks. We are beginning a project/community link with The Birches this term and over the weeks, start to do more activities with the residents.

Have a lovely weekend,

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie.



We have had a great week. We have been busy making crafts as part of our Business Enterprise project for the FE Christmas Fayre. We made Christmas tree decorations and began making our fairy house tea light holders.

We made a lovely curry in Food Technology on Monday. We are learning about Stranger Danger in PSHE and Attention Bucket.

At Thrive this week, we made firework pictures, planted spinach and flowers.

We have enjoyed Swimming, Tac Pac and massage in the Dark Sensory Room and continued our space sensory story in the Light Sensory Room. We have had Smile group, Reading and physio programmes. 

We have enjoyed trying different leisure activities, such as Yoga, Beauty, Dancing and Biscuit Decorating. We are also learning to play the Snap card game.

We continued with our paper mache planets from last week and will be ready to paint these next week.

We went to the Co Op for shopping this week. We are learning to look after a wallet and shopping list in our pocket while going to the shops and working on purchasing and bagging the items bought.

We enjoyed going to The Birches on Friday afternoon, to the cafe. We have been practising using our communication boards or symbols to make a choice of what is on offer.

Have a lovely weekend,

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Lynn, Ruth and Natalie.



At Thrive this week we were busy planting bulbs ready for the spring.  Indoors we were making leaf rubbings and also leaf imprints in clay from the leaves we collected around the grounds.  There were so many different leaf patterns!  In food tech we made two zebra cakes (no real zebras were harmed in the making of the cakes!) ready for the MacMillan coffee morning.  We also either independently or with help made a cheese sandwich for our lunch.  Our butter spreading skills are really improving.


On Thursday it was the MacMillan coffee morning and the zebra cakes were popular we were also able to choose a cake to eat for our snack.  The morning raised over £200 for MacMillan.  In the afternoon, we chose a different leisure activity to try.


We have started painting our planets and continued making our crafts for the Christmas Fayre our tea light holders are going to look very pretty.

Have a lovely weekend.

Leah, Leila, Rosa, Annah, Natalie, Ruth and Lynn.