Welcome to Justine's Class Homepage.

Our teaching team is made up of Justine (Class Teacher), Casey (TA), Annah and Ellie. You can keep up to date with class news through our weekly blog.


Week Commencing 16.7.18

On Monday morning we read our reading books and then made vegetable chilli and rice for lunch. In the afternoon the class did physiotherapy using the bikes or doing stretches on the mat. 

On Tuesday morning the class made our last visit the Thrive for this year where we went on a final walk around the gardens and then had a picnic together. We also looked back at photos of all the different things we have done and achieved at Thrive this year. In the afternoon we had the Leavers' assembly where we celebrated the best moments of all the students who are leaving. 

On Wednesday morning the class did some more physiotherapy going for walks around school or getting out onto the mats. Some of the class experienced a boat ride in the sensory room and then in the afternoon we all kept busy doing class jobs and exploring some ICT. 

On Thursday morning the class did some physiotherapy using the bikes and started clearing out the classroom ready for the summer holidays. In the afternoon the class worked together to make thank you cards and do class jobs. 

On Friday morning the class had an end of term party with balloons and music and then had a picnic lunch. In the afternoon we all did some art outside and then had some cake in the classroom. 

A busy week, and hope everyone gets enough rest at the weekend to make it through the last two days!

Justine, Casey, Ellie and Annah