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Our teaching team is made up of Justine (Class Teacher), Casey (TA), Annah and Ellie. You can keep up to date with class news through our weekly blog.


Week Commencing 18.4.18

Welcome back everyone! Hope you have all had a great break. 

On Wednesday, we all came back to school and shared our holiday news and did some physiotherapy work in standing frames, going for a walk, or going for a cycle. After break the class began our new topic by taking a trip to the rainforest in the dark sensory room. We found insects, leaves, moss, and even got caught in the rain! After lunch, the class spent all afternoon outside in the glorious sunshine doing sensory activities together. 

On Thursday morning the class did some OT and physiotherapy going for walks or doing stretches on the mats. We made another trip to the rainforest, this time in the light sensory room. In the afternoon the class made a piece of rainforest art together before having some 'Jungle massage' outside in the playground.

On Friday the class spent the morning exploring some stories and resources in the classroom before going to the common room for snack with the rest of FE. We did Literacy after break taking some story sacks out onto the field. We heard the story of the Gingerbread man, and the Itchy Bear. In the afternoon we split into our art groups and began our new topic. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their first week back, and has a good weekend in the sunshine! 

Justine, Casey, Ellie and Annah 

Sensory exploration in the sunshine!      Sensory exploration in the sunshine     Sorting bricks     Making clean mud