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Our teaching team is made up of Justine (Class Teacher), Casey (TA), Eleanor and Annah. You can keep up to date with class news through our weekly blog.


Week Commencing 15.01.18

On Monday morning, the class went on a camping trip in music where we pitched our tent, ate marshmallows around the campfire and then slept under the stars listening to the noises all around us. We made vegetarian chilli con carne and rice for lunch, with banana and yogurt for pudding. In the afternoon the class did some physiotherapy activities using the bikes and the standing frames. 

On Tuesday morning we made our regular trip to Thrive where the class investigated floating and sinking and made clouds for a rain-cloud mobile. After lunch the class had a great music therapy session with Luke and the trampolining in PE with Mel. 

On Wednesday there was no swimming so the class made up for it with a morning of physiotherapy walking around school and using standing frames, as well as some stretches on the mats. The class explored some lights and sounds in the dark sensory room and then in the afternoon we took a trip to Australia where we explored what animals and places we would see there. 

Thursday morning saw the class doing some more physiotherapy by stretching on the mats, and the taking a tour of the Great Barrier Reef in the light sensory room. After lunch, we continued our work on Australia by choosing what we wanted to pack into our suitcase for our trip. 

On Friday the class spent the morning looking at our reading books and then doing some independent work on the computers or at tables. After break the class had a sensory story; Shaun the shy shark, and then in the afternoon the class split up into our art groups to continue our work on ceramics. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and we will see you all next week!

Justine, Casey, Ellie and Annah

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