Welcome to Sam's Class Homepage!

We are a Year 7 and Year 8 class with 10 boys.  

Our TA is Doreen

Our Learning Support Assistants are Tolu, Laura and Barbara   



Hello all!

This week we have met Kate who will be working with us to make puppets and create a puppet show. we are all really excited and can't wait to see what the end result will be. We have already designed our characters and created a story outline.

The story is about Rory the lion who escapes from the zoo. He goes to various shops along the way and meets his friend the monkey. They get on the bus and make their way to the forest. When there they find that there is no food there they decide to go back to the zoo.


We have also taken part in a polybat house tournament in which the whole class tried their best and showed good sportsmanship.


We have continued our drama word with Chris and everyone has enjoyed this and come up with some fantastic ideas! This week we were imagining alternate uses for various objects


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 


Sam and team


Hello all!

We have had a very busy week this week and we can reveal our charity plans! we are planning to put on a cinema for the rest of the school. we will be showing Finding Dory and will sell popcorn and drinks. We have worked very hard to organize the event and this week we have started to make posters. 

Because of our fundraising we have also looked at money in maths looking at the different coins and how they make various values.

Our work on Africa has continued and we have thought of adjectives to describe Africa in the summer. We have also revisited our learning about copying and pasting ready to start our fact file next week.  

We were able to have our fist swimming session this week which was very popular! 


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 


Sam and team 

Hello all!!

Welcome to Chestnut class! 

Sorry for the delay on starting our blog we have been very busy! 

Our topic this term is Africa and we have started to look at a variety of African art and one of our projects in this topic will be to create a fact file on a type of African animal. We have been learning about copying images from google and pasting them into powerpoint documents. 

Also in ICT we have been looking at internet safety and signs to watch out for. this has also included a theme of stranger danger. 

As a class we have read the story of 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and even been able to make our own wax crayons in the shape of lego bricks and lego men. 

We have looked into the conept of charity in PSHE and we are currently in the early stages of planning our own charity event. We are hoping to put on a cinema afternoon for the rest of the children and we have written letters to Sara to ask permission. lots of planning to do so we will keep you updated on how we are getting on. 


Sam and team.