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Keep posted for a live stream of partridges hatching at Addington...

Partridge Cam LIVE

Drop back soon to see our live stream of partridges hatching here at Addington.

Please make sure your browser has Flash player enabled to view the stream. It should appear below. If the stream does not appear, please try the link below.

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What is a partridge?


The grey partridge (Perdix perdix), also known as the English partridge, Hungarian partridge, or hun, is a gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae of the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds. The scientific name is the Latin for "partridge", and is itself derived from Ancient Greek perdix.

The grey partridge was once a common sight in the UK...

You may have seen them featured on Christmas cards and in oil paintings, but the chances are you have never actually seen one in real life. This is because their numbers have declined to such an extent that they are now extinct in some areas. Sadly they were a casualty of modern, intensive farming methods. The expanses of long, tussocky grass which they need for breeding, along with the insects and seeds these provided as food, started to disappear from the landscape as farming became industrialised and land use was maximised for the growing of crops.