16th March 2018

To Parents

In literacy this week we have read some more of our class book – Horrid Henry Wakes The Dead -  the class seem to be enjoying this book.  We have also completed the Asdan module on Dr. Barnardos. 

In Maths we have continued with long division as well as doing some practical work with money while counting the sponsorship money received for the walk.

Nicole came and led a session on Anxiety and will be coming for the next few week to help them develop their emotional literacy.

For cooking this week we made Quesadillas and everyone chose their fillings and enjoyed eating them.

 Some of our girls went to play in an inter-schools football match at Madjeski stadium and came back very proud of the way they had played.

Today some of the class went to play table tennis while the Duke of Edinburgh team had an orienteering session around Dinton Pastures.

Have a good weekend

Ann, Abi, Caroline, Audrey, Nicky and Cat.



8th March 2018

To Parents

This has been a very busy week every morning there has been a different fitness activity. On Monday and Thursday we prepared all the fruit and vegetables for the daily food market. We also made a smoothie on the smoothie bike and went to the Healthy Café for cake and a drink.

The class have completed their walk around the field and have all managed 5 laps which is equal to a mile. If you would like to send in sponsor money please could you do this as soon as possible.

Today we went to support two of our pupils who performed in the Woodwind concert – they were both brilliant.

We have continued working on our Dr Barnado for ASDAN.

It is time again to ask for class funds of £5, this helps towards there snacks and any drinks when we are offsite.

Your child is bringing home a cake for Mother’s Day, they made, decorated and boxed these just for you. We hope that you enjoy the cake.

Have a good weekend

Ann, Abi, Caroline, Nicky, Audrey and Cat.



We hope that you all had a good half term and our first week back at school has been very exciting.

In literacy we have continued with our work on Dr. Barnardo and on Wednesday we joined in a literacy hunt finding the answers to clues about different books.  In the afternoon we had a performance from Jungle Bunny  - who took characters out of popular books and performed short sketches. The class all enjoyed this and loved joining in with some of the singing and actions.

Job Safari took place on Thursday our class took part in 4 workshops. Thrive, Waitrose, Verizon and the Museum of English Rural Life.  These workshops lasted for half an hour and gave the class an insight to how companies work. It was a very enjoyable morning. 

We had our last art lesson with Becky which have been brilliant. All the different aspects will join together to make a swan picture to go outside our classroom.

Today was out last fitness with Claire, next week we will be going offsite for table tennis. The Duke of Edinburgh pupils have been given a list of their activities.

Have a good weekend

Ann, Abi, Caroline, Nicky, Audrey and Cat.

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9th February 2018

Dear Parents

 It was lovely to meet you at parents evening and we hope that you are all pleased with the progress your child is making. 

This week we wrote about the news and completed some comprehension. 

On Monday we went to a Cello concert to support one of our classmates. He was brilliant. 

We were treated to a Folk Music workshop on Tuesday which everyone seemed to enjoy. 

In cooking we made pancakes and everyone had a go at flipping the pancake over.  They all managed this and enjoyed eating their pancakes with their choice of toppings. 

We had our class photographs taken today and fitness with Clare in the afternoon. 

We hope you all have a lovely half term 

Ann, Abi, Caroline, Nicky, Audrey and Cat.





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