It’s nearly time to book Challengers sessions for Spring Term 2017. Due to there being different half terms and holidays across Surrey and Hampshire this year, we will be running schemes across different dates.


Please can you help us to promote information about the Challengers Booking Period to families or colleagues who you think will be interested.


News | Updates for Spring Term

  Challengers schemes in Surrey will be running from the 3rd January to the 31st March.

  Challengers schemes in Hampshire and Berkshire will be running an additional weekend session on the 1st April - this is due to a later start to the Easter Holidays.

  We also hope to announce half-term sessions across our Hampshire schemes, and will be emailing Hampshire families about the booking dates for these soon. We sincerely apologise for the delay.

  Redhill Youth has been re-named Merstham Youth.


How to book | Online or on the phone

  Book online at the Challengers Booking Website.

  Call the Challengers Booking Line on 01483 230 939.


Get ready to book | Find out what's on

  Parents can find the Spring Term Activity Programmes for all our schemes on the respective scheme pages in the What We Do area of our website.


What is the booking period? | What is the top-up period?

  The booking period is when parents will be able to book sessions for their chosen scheme.

  During the booking period there is a maximum number of sessions that parents can book.

  In the top-up period, booking restrictions will be removed and parents will be able to book any spaces that are still available.


Booking dates | When to book and when to top up

Please read the table below carefully - it tells you when bookings will open for each scheme:





What can parents book in the booking period? | Spring Term 2017

  Play and Youthschemes - up to 4 sessions.

  Young Adult Schemes - up to 4 sessions.

  Half-Term - 1 session.

  Activity Overnighters - 1 session.

  These restrictions will be lifted during the top-up period.

  Bookings for After School Clubs, Youth Nights & Young Adult Evenings are unrestricted.


After parents book | Booking confirmations

  Parents will receive a booking confirmation email from the Challengers Play and Leisure Team with the scheme, activity, date, time and cost.


About Challengers

Challengers is a children's charity which provides more than 35,000 visits to over 1,400 disabled children and young people. We rely on voluntary support and donations, so if you can help please email or call 01483 230 060.


Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Dobson


To book online: Challengers Booking Website

To book by phone: 01483 230 939

To make a payment 01483 230 589


Jonathan Dobson | Head of Operations | 01483 230 930


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