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Warning about Online game

11 July 2017 (by admin (admin))

One of our parents has shared a warning about an online game called 'Movie Star Planet' aimed at young children which encourages children to make friends with strangers and share personal information. The full message is given below:

A Headteacher at a local school was visited on Monday morning by some conscientious parents who have had an unpleasant experience this weekend. Their child has been taking part in an online game called 'Movie Star Planet', (rated age 4+) a game that rewards children for making friends with people they do not know, by giving them 'coins'. Any game that encourages children to make friends with people they do not know is likely to be dangerous, and could have been set up by people with ill intentions. This child was asked for both her Apple ID and a picture of herself, the other 'child' saying she wasn't happy with the way she looked, and presenting a photograph of herself as a young girl. Once the parents had realised what had happened, they uninstalled the game, but last night the child was contacted through Messenger at 9.30 pm at night. Other children in schools may be using this game - I believe it can be played either online or through an app that is downloaded - and I would urge parents to check whether or not their children are playing it, and if they are, to uninstall it and explain the possible dangers to them. Please be vigilant, we understand that the game is specifically targeting our younger students.